The Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway

Passenger Cars

1340 class dormatory/lounge car (PS) 1951 Super Chief
3453 class baggage car (ACF) General Pool
3480 class transition baggage/dormatory car (Budd) 1956 El Capitan
500 class dome lounge, and 600 class dining cars (PS) 1951 Super Chief
528 class Hi-level transition coach (Budd) 1956 El Capitan
650 class Hi-level dining car (Budd) 1956 El Capitan
700 class Hi-level coach (Budd) 1956 El Capitan
750 class Hi-level lounge car (Budd) 1956 El Capitan
82 class 60-foot Railway Post Office car (ACF) General Pool
Palm Series 10-6 sleeping car (ACF) 1951 Super Chief
Regal Series 4-4-2 sleeping car (ACF) 1951 Super Chief
Vista Series 4-1 sleeping/observation car (PS) 1951 Super Chief


Paint Scheme
EMD GP-7 (non dynamic) Zebra Stripe
EMD GP-7B Zebra Stripe
EMD GP-9 Zebra Stripe

EMD FT, passenger Warbonnet

EMD FT, freight Cat Whisker
ALCo PA-1 Warbonnet

Freight Cars

  Type Paint Scheme
AC&F 1750 series caboose (blt. 1929 to 1942) Mineral Red

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