Delaware & Hudson

Steam Locomotives

Animated Static Type Numbers
D&H E-5a (E73) Class 2-8-0 1111-1122 : built by D&H, 1926
D&H H-108 Class 0-8-8-0 1600-1612 : rebuilt by D&H, 1936
Alco K-62 Class 4-8-4 300-314 : Built 1943
Alco J-95 Class 4-6-6-4 1500-1539 : Built 1940 - 1946


Diesel Locomotives

  Type Paint Scheme
Alco RS-2 Black & Yellow
Alco RS-3 Black & Yellow
Alco RS-3 Lightning Stripe
Alco RS-11 High Nose Lightning Stripe
Alco C-420 Lightning Stripe
General Electric U33-C Lightning Stripe
General Electric U23-B Lightning Stripe
General Electric U23-B Gray Ghost (#2311 only)
ALCo PA-1 Blue Bonnet


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Passenger Cars

  Type Paint Scheme
D&H Modernized Diner #151 Green/Ivory/Tangerine
AC&F Lightweight Coach #201-206 Green/Ivory/Tangerine
AC&F Lightweight Coach #201-206 Two-Tone Gray
Modified AC&F Lightweight Coach #202, 204-206 Adirondack
PS Diner/Lounge #41-42 "Laurentian" (corrugated sides)
PS Diner/Lounge #41-42 "Adirondack" (smooth sides)
Barney & Smith Heavyweight Coach #222-230 (as built) Pullman Green
Barney & Smith Heavyweight Coach #222-230 (air conditioned) Pullman Green
AC&F Baggage/Mail #701-708 Pullman Green


Freight cars

  Type Paint Scheme
Double sheathed 36 ft wooden boxcar "Steam Era" (built circa 1907)
PS-1, 40 ft, 6 ft door "Small Circle" (as built circa 1950)
PS-1, 40 ft, 6 ft door "Big Circle" (repaint circa 1962)
PS-1, 40 ft, 6 ft door "White Shield" (repaint circa 1969)
PS-1, 40 ft, 8 ft door "Yellow T" (repaint circa 1977)
PS-1, 50 ft, 8 ft door "Big Circle" (as built circa 1956)
PS-2 Covered Hopper "Hopper Red" (as built circa 1974)
PS mill gondola Circle Herald (as built circa 1951)
"Thrall-door" lumber boxcar Black (built for CACV, circa 1974)
PS box car Orange (built circa 1981)
Union Tank Car covered hopper Note: D&H 12503 was a unique "Pressure-Slide" hopper car, probably bought as an experiment (its two classmates were GATX airslides). It spent most of its life at the Oneonta engine terminal, probably as a sand storage car.
D&H 250-ton flat car (built 1950) Note: This one of a kind flat car was built from a GSC kit, at Oneonta shops. It's shown with a generator armerature load from the GE plant in Schenectady NY.
D&H "Pennsylvania Pusher" caboose (built 1942) Boxcar Red

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  NOTE: These composite "Seley" hoppers were built in 1907, but D&H continued to rebuild and run them in anthracite coal service until the '50s.

Coal Hoppers

Loaded Empty Type Paint Scheme
2 Bay Composite Hopper These cars used the original "trapdoor" style hopper bays
3 Bay Rebuilt Composite Hopper These cars were rebuilt with steel sides and had modern "easy closing" bay doors
4 Bay Composite Hopper These cars retained their wooden siding, but had two bays with "easy closing" doors in palce of each of the original's "trapdoor" bays
  2 Bay Composite Hopper, As Built Originally, the wooden siding filled in the spaces under the slope sheet.


NOTE: These cars were built in the '30s, and supplemented, but didn't replace, the Seley cars hauling anthracite.
"Austerity" Composite Hopper Note: I previously labeled this a "USRA Composite" hopper, but the USRA hoppers were all steel. These cars were built during the depression, 30 years after the Seley hoppers.
AC&F 50-ton Hopper Built 1939.



Plymouth Station Wagon (circa 1955) This passenger car was equipped with Hi-Railer wheels and operated out of Albany, NY, by the D&H signal department.


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