Fellow Artists


The site of my friend and collaborator Nikolaus Mohr.
Centraal Station

Centraal Station
Peter Klarenbeek's Dutch site, with some North American rolling stock too.
Claudio Vianni

Claudio Vianni
Home of the Claudioscar awards, given monthly for outstanding MMSS artwork. I've got seven on my mantle :)

Prolific artist of German passenger equipment Daniel Hentschel. He's working on Union Pacific too.

Stock List
Zoltan Szabo has a HUGE catalog of images, by over 150 artists (including me). Zoltan is also the author of the Traffic screensaver.

Jan Kärrbäck
Jan draws Swedish prototype equipment, but he drew this AEM-7, because it's based on the Swedish RC-4. Their Swedish origin gained Amtrak's AEM-7s the nickname "Meatballs".

Matthew Brown
Matt draws mostly PRR equipment for the Railway 32 Screensaver. However, I don't hold either against him :)

Richard Sliwinski
Rich's favorite railroad is DRG&W. He's done steam and diesel locomotives, as well as passenger stock. Recently he's done equipment from a bunch of other western US roads

Kenneth Arnerstedt
Ken has started drawing these fine GN diesels, along with Swedish prototypes.

Pierre-Noël Rietsch
Pierre has done some truly awesome things with my "Little Joe" electrics, as well as stuff like this New Haven EP-4.


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Reference Sources

Fallen Flag Railroad Photos An archive of over 30,000 photos of railroads that are no longer with us
Amtrak Photo Archive All Amtrak (pictures), all the time
Railroad Paintshop Home of a wide selection of drawings, of locomotives and rolling stock
The European Railway Server Pictures and information about railroading, all over Europe
Dave's Electric Railroads Pictures of electrified mainlines and transit systems


Other links

Google The best search engine that ever was! (I just pray they don't get bought out by Micro$oft!!!)
Mozilla! The new standard by which internet apps should be measured.