Passenger cars of The Delaware And Hudson...

featuring the 1957 Laurentian, New York to Montreal passenger train

To download separate images of the locomotives for these trains, just go to my D&H or NYC locomotive pages.

The following individual cars are included in the Laurentian zip file, which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.


Type (left) NYC 3000 class Coach

Type (right) NYC 58 class Parlor/Lounge


Type D&H 201 class lightweight coach.
Description These six coaches, built by American Car & Foundry, were known as "World's Fair" cars, because D&H bought them, in 1939, for service from Montreal to the World's Fair in New York. They continued in service on the Montreal to New York run until the ouster of D&H Presedent Bruce Sterzing, in 1978. An impressive career of almost 40 years.


Type D&H 222 class heavyweight coach.
Description This calss of 18 coaches was built in 1916, by Barney & Smith Co., and AC&F. Many of these cars were rebuilt with air-conditioning in the '40s, and some continued in service until the formation of Amtrak in 1971.

The car on the left was built by B&S, and has been modified with air conditioning, The car on the right is an AC&F car (identified by the absence of ribs on the roof) and is shown as built, without air conditioning.


Type NYC 9100 class baggage car.
Description These cars were built in 1946 by American Car and Foundry, and served throughout the NYC system. Many survived into the Penn Central era, and even into Conrail in work train service.

Type D&H Dining Car #154.
Description This car was originally built for New York Central, as their heavyweight diner #664. D&H bought it in the late '40s, when their 1907 vintage wooden diners were judged too old for service. It came from NYC in the then standard Pullman Green scheme. By the late '50s D&H had begun painting it's passenger equipment in two-tone gray, to match the cars of NYC.

Type D&H 701 series Baggage/Mail car.
Description The Forest Green and Ivory paint scheme was used by the D&H in the '40s. Since "head end" (baggage and mail) equipment is usually the last to get re-painted, many of D&H's mail cars wore this scheme for several years, after the coaches and diners stopped carying it.


The Laurentian

Add these lines to user_bmp.ini, to enable The Laurentian in your screensaver

{LocoStart}FILE=[FILE-LOCATION]\Laurentian(D&H).dib;LABEL=D&H RS-3s + "The Laurentian" (Deleware and Hudson);GT=V;EPOCHE=3;ULAND=USA;OL=N;EXEMPLARE=1;ZG=63;{LocoEnd}

{LocoStart}FILE=[FILE-LOCATION]\Laurentian(NYC).dib;LABEL=NYC E-8a + "The Laurentian" (New York Central);GT=V;EPOCHE=3;ULAND=USA;OL=N;EXEMPLARE=1;ZG=63;{LocoEnd}

I'm still working on a third version of The Laurenitan, pulled by a New York Central P-2 E-loc, representing a train on the 33 mile NYC elecrified district from Grand Central Terminal (New York City) to Harmon, NY. Stay tuned.

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