Passenger cars of The New York Central

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Heavyweight Passenger Cars


Type Heavyweight Coach
Road Numbers 1100 - 2550
Note New York Central bought almost 1500 of these cars, from 7 different builders, between 1911 and 1930. Since NYC has no system for type designation, these cars were simply called the "Standard Steel Coaches", or the "Spec 700" cars after the specification NYC issued to the car builders. They were used on all sorts of services, from commuter trains to the exclusive "Pacemaker" NY - Chicago day train.

This drawing represents a car that has been modified with air-conditioning. NYC started adding air-conditioning to these cars in the mid '30s.


Type Heavyweight Railway Post Office (RPO) car
Road Numbers ?
Note Of similar design to the Spec 700 coaches, these steel RPOs provided postal service on many of NYC's trains.

Complete Train

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The 1950 "Pacemaker" and "Advance Commodore Vanderbilt"

The following individual cars are included in the zip file, which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.


Type (left) 48 class Tavern/Lounge/Observation (Budd).

Type (right) 8970 class Baggage/Dormatory (Budd).


Type (left) 2900 class coach (Budd).

Type (right) "Harbor" series 22 roomette sleeper (Budd).


Type (left) 478 class Kitchen/Lounge (Budd).

Type (right) 404 class dining car (Budd).


Type (left) "River" series 10-6 sleeper (Pullman-Standard).

Type (right) 8961 class Baggage/Dormatory (Pullman-Standard).


Type (left) "Lake" series 6 Bedroom/Lounge (Pullman-Standard).

Type (right) Southern Pacific 4-4-2 sleeper (Pullman-Standard).

Note The SP sleeper ran in transcontinental service, from New York to Los Angeles. It ran to Chicago on the ACV, then continued it's trip via Rock Island and Southern Pacific, on the Golden State Limited.

Complete Trains

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The Pacemaker


The Pacemaker / Advance Commodore Vanderbilt

{LocoStart}FILE=[FILE-LOCATION]\PacemakerACV_0.dib;LABEL=NYC S-1b + "The Pacemaker - Advance Commodore Vanderbilt" 1950 ;GT=D;EPOCHE=2;ULAND=USA;OL=N;RICHTUNG=R;VMIN=4;PHASENLAENGE=15;EXEMPLARE=1;ZG=63;SELECTED=1;{LocoEnd}

These trains won a special December 2001 Claudioscar Thanks Claudio!

The Pacemaker was the premier all-coach train on the New York Central's "Water Level Route" from New York City to Chicago. In early 1949 The Pacemaker was re-equiped with Budd stainless steel lightweight rolling stock, as part of NYC's postwar passenger modernization program. The signature cars of this new Pacemaker were #s 48 and 49, the tavern-lounge-obsercation cars, that carried The Pacemaker's lighted tailsign.

Due to it's high priority, fast schedule, and 13-car length, The Pacemaker was often assigned one of New York Central's most powerful locomotives, the 6000 class "Niagara" 4-8-4 steamers.

The Pacemaker uses the following equipment: In late 1949 the Advance Commodore Vanderbilt, an all-pullman train which also ran from New York to Chicago, was combined with The Pacemaker. Both trains were still listed separately on NYC's "Form 1001" public timetable.

Many passengers were understandably confused when boarding the Advance Commodore Vanderbilt in New York or Chicago, when they arrived at the gate only to see the tailsign of The Pacemaker.

The combined Pacemaker / Advance Commodore Vanderbilt uses the following equipment:


Pacemaker/Advance Commodore Vanderbilt (with complete trains)

NYC heavyweight cars (with complete train)
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