The Train Gif JavaScript Project

Phase 2b

After a long development, the all new Train Gif JavaScript Project is now ready. For this new version, a much easier set of setup functions have been provided. The author only needs to provide a list of gifs to define a train's consist.

Only a single statement is needed in the body of the page, to define the location of the scene. That also means that the author has much more control over how the scene is placed on the page. Scenes can now be defined by several methods, including based on the size of a background image. The author can also put multiple scenes in a single page.

The current version provides a limited stop and go capability, including reversal. Any train that starts out at over 25 MPH, and then stops, will continue in the same direction after stopping. Otherwise it will return the direction from which it came. Future versions will allow more control over stop time and other movement parameters.

There's now a tutorial describing how to add animated scenes to your pages.

(thanks to Alex Stroshane and Chris Denbow for the rolling stock used in the demo on this page.)

I need your feedback and suggestions, so send me an


Phase Features Status
Phase 1a Single list, fixed delay, Acceleration mode. obsolete
Phase 1b Multiple list, variable delay. obsolete
Phase 1c interface cleanup and simplification. obsolete
Phase 1d Same train in multiple groups. obsolete
Phase 2a Stop-and-Go mode obsolete
Phase 2b Reversing after stop current
Phase 2c Scripted movement future

Sic transit traingif site ring

(You can use it in the sitering code too:)